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Zuma devia aprender com Lula


Lula e Obama

Bush e Lula


Do Financial Times, na edição de ontem:

Zuma should learn from Lula”.

                                                     By Richard Lapper

Um trechinho, em inglês:

“It is an intriguing idea, partly because the two men have so much in common. Both are political outsiders from poor backgrounds. In the 1950s Mr Lula da Silva sold peanuts and oranges on the streets of Sao Bernardo, a working class suburb of São Paulo. During the same period Mr Zuma was herding cattle at a village in rural Zululand.

Both men have dedicated their lives to the cause of revolution. Mr Lula da Silva as a trade union leader and a founder of the leftwing Workers Party; Mr Zuma as an activist underground, in prison and in exile for the African National Congress. Both are affable men, good at listening and negotiating. Mr Lula da Silva won concessions for his members. Mr Zuma helped to parlay an end to the violence between the ruling ANC and the Zulu Inkatha Freedom Party that rocked KwaZulu Natal in the late 1980s and early 1990s.”


Querem ler tudo?


Está aqui:

E a tradução/interpretação no G.1:  Novo presidente sul-africano poderia aprender lições políticas de Lula, diz FT.

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